National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Trudy Aguilar

Pueblo West, CO

Entry Photo for Trudy Aguilar - Pueblo West, CO

I my name is Trudy! I’m a Registered Nurse. I love enriching the lives of others. Having a wheelchair accessible vehicle will allow me to continue to promote the health and wellness of those that are in need of a lift. I support hope of family, community, and loving one another simply by offering a lift. It may be a child or an adult. My mission started with the disability of my granddaughter. Aaliyah suffered a brain tumor when she was 6 years. She lost her vision and lost her ability to walk. Today she is 11 years old. Transportation to school, doctors, therapies, or a birthday parties is vital to her life. Aaliyah lives in Colorado Springs to be near children’s hospitals for medical providers. Most of her family lives in Southern Colorado and North of Denver. She is a frequent flyer to Children Hospital in Denver. Her parents and sister travels with Aaliyah often staying in hotels or the Ronald McDonald House. Having a handicap accessible vehicle has allowed me to enrich the lives of Aaliyah many others in care. I provide respite care and giving someone a lift. Really lifts their spirits.

Thank you, Trudee