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William Blake

Honor, MI

Entry Photo for William Blake - Honor, MI

October 4,l964 our country had a mandatory draft of all mail citizens between the ages of 18 25 years of age. However there were some exceptions, which included homo-sexuals, birth defects, students,and above all politicians relitives. However if a person had $ 10,000 Dollars they could request a waiver,never to be heard from again by the Selective Service. I reported to Ft. Wayne-Detroit, Michigan, for my physical exam. Informing the doctors that I was born with Spinabifida. This was caused by D.E.S. medication given to my mother prior to my birth. 8-years after my mother was having another child. Drs. Colemartin and Northrupp examined her in her 8-month, and informed her they couldn’t detect a heart beat, so the baby would have to be removed immediately. The Department of Defense decided to induct me into the Armed Forces, do to War Time need During Vietnam era. After completing basic training *I was sent to Germany,as an Aircraft Mechanic. I was stationed at the 245-Transportation Co.-7- Army- 8-Aviation. This base was located in Finthen- Germany. Department of Defense Intelligent Agency knew that Adolph Hitler had escaped execution and fled to another country. They also were aware of his phscycological profile of being a egotistical maniac. They decided to have a yearly social event with the local people. This wopuld happen each year in May and June. I personally was the one who reciognized Hitler, and turned the information over to my Commander- Captain Beaulieu. He immediately informed Headquarters in Stuttgarhdt and they filmed Hitler from 35-mm micro-film cameras. Hitler was arrested in a town called Grosse Buddenheim. He spent the next 2- months in Manheim Prison. In those days D.N.A. was not available. They released him do to lack of blood type evidence. 2-days went by and the German officials notified the American Military, that they had found his blood type. I personally was sent to Grosse Buddenheim to apprehend Hitler. I’m also the only person who knew where the Underground Hangars were located. The Commander issued me a 45-calliber pistol,and I entered the underground vault. I could here something schuffeling in the distance. Upon entering the hangar Hitler was at a desk looking over papers, and immediately recognized me from the party. He said, ” So its you who caused this whole mess.” He lunged at me with a dagger, and I shot in return. He died on August 10-1966.