National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:


William Dykens

San Dimas, CA

Entry Photo for William Dykens - San Dimas, CA

My name is William Dykens, I am a disabled person with Cerebral Palsy and also Electric Wheelchair bound. I am unable to drive myself but I am blessed to have my caregiver Steven Nelson to drive me so I may continue with my daily activities. Currently my Chrysler Town & Country Mini Van 2004 has many miles on it and is in need of being replaced and we do not have the funds to replace it. I am asking for your help in consideration to enter me in for a chance to win a new van if possible? I use my current van for many things. To go to work in my community, I also chair a toy drive through my work where I have taken thousands of toys each year that my coworkers have help me donate to our children in need for the holidays. I use my van to deliver all the toys that we collect each year. Without my van I would not be able to accomplish this so needed task. Despite my disability I fee it is necessary to give back to my community no matter how big or how small the giving may be it has always been my way of helping those who need it most.

When I was a small boy in Rome, NY I was once a poster child for United Cerebral Palsy so I learned at a very early age of what it meant to be a volunteer to help others like me.

I have also been on many boards as a volunteer to help disabled people get services need for them. I was on Lanterman Regional Center Board of Directors for 2 terms in LA. I am not one who believes that just because you have a disability that you can’t do anything to help yourself and others.

Being disabled for me has not been easy but it has made me a stronger person. I also feel that if you do good to others that good will be done to you. Having my van means the world to me and helps me function in my community. I know you have others to consider and I hope you will consider me so I can continue moving forward making a difference in my community in which I live and work.

Bill Dykens