National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Zak Baldwin

Spokane, WA

Entry Photo for Zak Baldwin - Spokane, WA

Hello, my name is Zak and I am a senior at Reardan High School. I was in a hit and run accident in 2005. The accident left me a quadriplegic with a C-1 C-2 spinal cord stretch. I have to have machines breathing for me all the time. My mom (Liz) has been by my side 24/7. She is a single mom that works for the school with special ed. students and she takes care of me. She needs a vehicle that is dependable so she is able to continue to take me places. I love to go to school, movies, friends houses and out to eat. She also has to drive me from Washington to California every summer for me to see a team of Doctors at U.C. Davis for my breathing machine.

My mom has been my biggest supporter. She has encouraged me to stay in school full-time. I will be graduating June 5, 2016. She also helped me learn to paint with my mouth and how to go hunting. My mom has taken me out and I have been able to get a turkey and 2 deer. She is wanting to take me bear hunting this fall because that is my dream hunt. We just need a dependable vehicle that is wheelchair accessible more then ever. My mom is always helping and doing things for everyone else, so I’m doing this for her.