National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

2015 Winners

Our annual promotion marked another unbelievable success. With the help and generosity of our NMEDA dealers, members and partners, we were able to award Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles to four incredibly deserving families as part of National Mobility Awareness Month. We are passionate about the difference NMEDA makes within the disability community and will continue to dedicate our time and resources to helping those living with disabilities gain their driving independence.

Learn more about NMEDA’s mobility equipment solutions and read our winners’ amazing stories below.

Collene Van Noord

Entry Photo for Collene Van Noord - Holland, MIHow does one continue with a normal life when all that was normal has been upended?

“You’re an ‘N’ of one,” my sons remind me. “‘N’ of one” is scientist-speak that recognizes the boundless possibilities of being an individual who can shatter statistics.

It was supposed to be a fun day. They were all supposed to be fun after retirement. Instead, I was hit broadside by another car, paralyzed below the T-6 vertebra, and left with a dozen broken bones, internal bleeding, bruised organs, and collapsed lungs. After surgeries, life-support, and x-rays, I lay in the hospital, bruised, battered, unable to walk, and unsure.


Cynthia Noonan

Entry Photo for Cynthia Noonan - Emeryville, CAAs anyone who has suffered from a spinal cord injury knows, you had your life before the injury and then there was your life after the injury and in between there is a time of tragedy.

For some it may be a diving accident, car accident, or a gunshot. In my case it was the onset of a rare auto-immune disease called Transverse Myelitis on September 27, 2007.

I went from a completely healthy, active, just married 34-year-old woman to a C5 quadriplegic in about 4 hours from the time of my onset.


Kym Daniels (Caregiver to her daughter Kaitlyn)

Entry Photo for Kaitlyn Daniels - Derry, PAThis happy little girl is my 10 year old daughter Kaitlyn. Although cancer has taken away so much from her childhood, Kaitlyn continues to give back to her friends, family and community.

Diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the age of 9 months, this horrible disease grew into her spine and the surgery to remove the tumor took away her ability to walk. She has endured more than most adults and has done so with a smile on her face and a “not gonna stop me attitude”.


Jessica Runnels

Entry Photo for Jessica Runnels - Oakley, CAHave you ever felt that your life before a traumatic event was a staging ground for life after? I have considered this question many times the past 11 years. My parents raised me to be a person who looks for the good in people and never be fearful of what may come. I went to a Christian school, attended college and became a Children’s Pastor. I worked with many special needs children in schools districts in California and Ohio. All this led me to the most traumatic day I have ever faced.