National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

2016 Winners

Each year, May is National Mobility Awareness Month and is the annual celebration that encourages seniors, veterans, caregivers and people with disabilities to enjoy active, mobile lifestyles. The Local Heroes Contest is a rewarding part of what we do at NMEDA, we thank our members, contest sponsors and the hundreds of communities and thousands of individuals who rallied this year to make this special once again. We also wanted to thank the millions who took the time to read and learn about all of the Local Heroes in the contest and then cast their votes.

Learn more about the many automotive mobility solutions available and read our winners’ amazing stories below.

Dave Hastings

Entry Photo for Dave Hastings - Coopersville, MIMy Mom Lori has Muscular Dystrophy. She’s had an uphill climb in life but met the challenges head on with faith and a positive attitude. My parents were married in 1983.

Doctors told them they would never have kids.Don’t say the word ‘NEVER’ to them; it will be used as determination to ‘OVERCOME’. I am one of three children.


Steve Karmgard

John Rose

Entry Photo for John Rose - Lexington, KYJohn Rose is my husband. He is Mr. Rose to thousands of students who love him. John is a man who loves God, life, music, and teaching music! He taught high school chorus for 39 years when he was forced to retire because of the cruelty of ALS.

John insisted on continuing to teach even when he could no longer raise his arms to conduct. He could barely speak, but those kids respected him so much that they learned to read his eyes and lips and won Superior ratings in all chorus competitions that year, and the judges were brought to tears as they watched the communication between director and singers.