National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Mike Savicki

mike-savicki-full_speedNMEDA has selected Mike Savicki as the spokesperson for National Mobility Awareness Month for a fifth year. Mike is a 48-year old, C6, 7 quadriplegic, who is a Navy veteran, multi-sport athlete, passionate advocate and small business entrepreneur. He is a 5-time Quad Division champion (and 18 time finisher) of the BAA Boston Marathon and, in 22 years of competition, has earned 85 gold medals in the National Wheelchair Veterans Games where he is also the 2013 Spirit of the Games award winner.


Mike manages his freelance writing, marketing, speaking and advocacy work through his company, Afterburner Communications. He is also a husband and dad to a beautiful toddler. Living more than half his life with a disability has not stopped him from achieving his goals. A self-proclaimed “car guy” with a love of antiques and classics, Mike drives a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle purchased from a NMEDA dealer.

His personal website is